Why It’s Important To Have Dedicated Skincare Training As A Salon Professional

Salon professionals perform a wide range of different services. Some mostly cut and style hair. Others primarily do nails while some perform skincare services such as facials and steaming. If you want to begin offering skincare services, it is a good idea to have some professional training. Even a couple of classes at your local beauty school can make a huge difference. Here's why.

You'll learn how to touch other people's skin.

Touching other people's skin is a bit more personal than touching their hair and nails. As such, it is important to learn to do so with tact and the right amount of pressure. These are things you will learn in skincare training classes. You'll learn what fingers to use when, how much pressure to apply to various parts of the face, etiquette for asking before touching, and so forth. Having this knowledge and experience will allow you to help your clients feel more comfortable when you are washing their faces, performing facials, applying makeup, and so forth.

You'll learn how skin works.

The skin is actually an organ, and the largest organ in the body, at that. You don't need to become a biologist, but understanding the basic biology behind the skin can make you a much better esthetician. You will grow in your understanding of how and why certain products and procedures work. This will allow you to make better recommendations, change your procedures as needed, and explain things more clearly and thoroughly to your clients.

You'll learn what products are out there.

The skincare market is always changing. New products are being introduced constantly, and big trends emerge from time to time. It's important to know what brands are favored and why, what trends are emerging, what sorts of things clients are likely to ask for, and so forth. Taking skincare classes will give you a good overview of this. Afterward, you'll be better able to decide which lines you want to carry and use. You'll also have an easier time making good recommendations to clients. Most beauty schools introduce you to a few brands, and you can choose your favorite to keep using and promoting.

If you are an esthetician or salon professional who is looking to expand into skincare services, it is very wise to take a few classes first. Taking a few classes will help round out your knowledge so you can do your job even better.

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